Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Saved a Turkey...But I'm Cooking a Merry Feast

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

"Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast." --William Shakespeare

I did it. I saved a turkey but...four bird(s) are defrosting in the fridge. I was going to rebel and do the Detox Holiday Diet. But then, the Thanksgiving spirit grabbed me. Blame it on my bird dogs. The sides (plus breakfast bread) are done. The sweet and savory scents lingering in the house are worth it. I went a bit non-conventional, a bit European. The cool thing is, I stayed easy (almost-homemade), natural and healthful (as possible). I did include vinegar, olive oil and chocolate, earthy herbs and spices as well as some low-fat, lower sodium ingredients. The best part, rather than eating too much at one sitting, I can graze on some of the dishes during the day (paired with morning gourmet coffee, herbal teas, bottled water, and fresh fruit juice) and throughout the week...

Non-Turkey Day Feast

Cranberry Nut Bread
Healthy Fruit-Vegetable Salad
Sourdough Garlic Rolls
Cornish Game Hens Stuffed with Wild Rice
Cornbread Herb Dressing
Baby Red Potatoes, Mashed
Pumpkin Coconut Chocolate Chip Pie

It's not odd to downsize birds, from turkey to adorable hens. As a baby boomer, I'm hardly alone. Many of us are orphans or our families are all grown up and perhaps too far away to celebrate this holiday together. So, rather than not eating and savoring awesome autumn foods, we can do it but just on a smaller scale.

Also, I've learned by doing it all the night before is the way to do it. No stress tomorrow. It will be a fun R&R day with homemade food in the comfort of my home with the four-leggers and my sibling. I'd love to swim but the pool will be scattered with too many tourists. So, Thursday will include one long dog walk, two happy Brittanys and one black cat. (I'll be giving them pieces--no bones--of the birds to show them my gratitude for their companionship and unconditional love.)

P.S. Recipes to be dished out throughout the week. But now, I'm whooped! And here I sit watching Food Network. Go figure.



  1. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!!

  2. Starting Thanks Giving here in the forest with my forest friends. Might be late for most folks to be starting a feist but my friend like the night. I have my girls, babies and Mr. Boo-Bo Head a male deer with broken tips on his antlers. Momma raccoon and the two babies are here. I opened the door and they were waiting for me. I brought out a big plate of toasted buttered bagels. The cat food was already out placed there when it was still light out. My stinkers are here also. The raccoons and skunks get along real well together but they grew up together and are friends, we are all friends here and we share. Tomorrow night it's turkey, not one of mine but a store bought. The birds were here ealier before going up into the trees to perch for the night. I have around 20 birds that visit me daily and have some grain and bugs and fresh tips of greens. The turkeys have been having a fun time running in the leaves flapping their wings causing the leaves to fly around. I'll have fresh veggies and breads out on the table for everyone along with various seeds and grains. Nothing like coming out of the cabin to see happy smiling forest friends. I just love sitting and talking with them. Seeing a baby deer smiling, makes it's all worth it. sorry to say but baby girl, the little raccoon past away at the jaws of the neighbors dogs. I burried her in the forest in the sun but sort of under a nice pine tree about 6 weeks ago. Shewas so cute and would come running up to me with her little tail wagging. She was so happy.

  3. Wow Bob. That is a moving feast, huh? I'm getting images of the animal family. Upstages me and my birds dogs and kitty. RE: baby raccoon. It's the food chain of life. Dogs will be dogs. My past Lab once chased and snagged a pet bunny. How sad is that? One more thing: Do turkeys really have a low IQ?

  4. Hope you had a nice thanksgiving, when I have more time I will drop back to check out your other blog posts.

  5. Secret to Post-Thanksgiving Dinner. If you didn't overindulge you'll be thankful and feel great from head to toe. Live and learn.