Friday, October 2, 2009

CONTEST: Healthiest Survival Pie? The Winner Is...

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Imagine: You're trapped and waiting to be saved. The good news is, you've got a delicious to live for gourmet pie (all you want to eat) and bottled water to drink. You're waiting to be rescued. What pie is the most nutritious to help get you through this plight? This is "the" question I asked for the Contest: So, What's the Healthiest Pie To Live For, Anyhow? What in the huge dessert pie world is the answer? I've chosen two pies: Fruit and Nut and Dark Chocolate. Here's why in a cocoa bean nutshell...
I went straight to a trusty nutrition expert. This is what she dished out: "The fruit and nut pie would be my first choice; the fiber from fruit, monounsaturated fats from the nuts, and the antioxidants from the chocolate all can help prevent heart disease," says Keri M. Gans, RD, Spokesperson, American Dietetic Association.
In my new book The Healing Powers of Chocolate (December, 2009), I address all of the good for you disease-fighting compounds in dark chocolate. And, the Fruit and Nut pie (I personally would go for a juicy and crunchy Apple and Pecan) boasts potassium, and some essential nutrients. (Plus, I don't think I'd get tired of it as quickly as other pies. And yes, on occasion, I've eaten lots of gourmet chocolate for a fews days--no problem there! So, I also vote for a chocolate pie, 2nd choice.)
...And since this contest was not real, it's my call to say one could have the pie made special to order: In my "book" so to speak, that includes all-natural crust made with olive oil, dark chocolate (70 percent cacao) topped with nuts (hold the whipped cream), and the fruit(s) of the survivor's choice.

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