Friday, September 4, 2009

Chill Out! Chocolate Mac-maroon Yourself!

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

I admit it. I forgot to have kids and I don't have a doting husband. I'm hardly alone. I am a single and busy working scribe with three demanding fur children, a supportive sibling, and always on a writer's tight deadline. Yesterday, was one of those days. I was hit with the final proofreader's requests (asap) for my book The Healing Powers of Chocolate; Simon, my six year old pooch needed his rabies shot, nails clipped; a next-door neighborhood sting happened (straight out of a Cops episode); two hungry raccoons entered a frightened lifeguard's home I'm told as swimming my laps to keep sane; and an email acquaintance told me his aging mom is ill and the compassionate man asked me if could he borrow the soothing music on my site to calm her. Yikes! All this drama...I wanted to maroon myself on an oasis. And then, I was pleasantly suprised when UPS delivered a box chock-full of creative packaged freshly baked macaroons...
On days like yesterday, spoiling myself with "myMacs" was exactly what I needed. These homemade macaroons, created by Suasan Hecht ( and ) are something to write home to mom about. She tells me they are "moist, crunchy and chewy all at once." It's true. Not only are these tasty macaroons, a French cookie, they are good for you, too! Get this: These macaroons have no trans fat (the stuff that clogs your arteries). No artificial ingredients. No Preservatives. And they are heart healthy--low in sodium and zero cholesterol. One macaroon dipped in rich dark chocolate contains a mere 120 calories. It doesn't get much better than that.
The original formula is available in the classic plain variety and dipped in dark chocolate. The latest creation? I got to taste it. We're talking all chocolate fudgy-style macaroon. (I simply love the trio. No Sophie's Choice this time around.) Oh, oh, oh. And the best part? These one-of-a-kind macaroons are so heavenly that if you're tempted to eat more than less (yeah, on a roller coaster day this can happen)--you can pop 'em in the freezer and they still retain their texture and taste.
On the phone, Susan, an open and health-conscious worldly baby boomer like me, told me point blank: "'myMacs' are different from any macaroons in the marketplace today. From the ingredients used in their preparation from the baking process, down to the unorthodox shape and incredible flavor, they are simply unique." Ditto. The bottom line: Some days, while we'd love to hit the kitchen and bake up a batch of delicious cookies--life's grueling tasks won't allow us to do it. That's where myMacs come into play. Spoil yourself with one (or two) of these macaroons and you'll feel like you've marooned yourself (or your loved ones--excluding those lovable furry four-leggers who can't do chocolate) on an exotic island. No worries.

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  1. Update: Sibling tried one of the chocolate dipped macaroons. Now, this guy is hypercritical with a capital H. It passed the test with flying colors. He asked for some to take home. Good job Susan!