Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peanut Butter Can Soothe Your Spirit During the Worst of Times

By Cal Orey

I'm sitting here with my two dogs and watching the film Courage Under Fire. I admit I'm feeling on edge big time while waiting for the proofs for my big chocolate book. The galley is due on the doorstep any minute or day now and it's like waiting anxiously for the mega earthshaking event of the birth of a child...

Speaking of childhood, I remember when my mom would try new gourmet dishes (from snails to frog tails) out on us--the kids--I'd often turn up my nose. As a stubborn kid, I wanted something familar, good, and tasty. Peanut butter sandwiches, the friendly ones like simple daisies, always came the rescue.

Today, not feeling especially hungry or in the mood to cook. So I just toasted a wholegrain bagel (yeah, I have one of those cool bagel toasters), and spread all-natural peanut butter (it's included in the Mediterranean diet; considered a "healthy" food with its fiber, protein and micronutrients but moderation is key because of fat and calories) and organic honey on it. I decided to pass on sliced bananas (but I believe it's worth giving it a go except I had one whole this a.m.). And you know what? The creamy texture of the butter, sweetness of the honey and chewy, toasty bagel hit the spot spot on.
P.S. Did you know there is a gourmet peanut butter club? I am tempted to join it, especially during waiting periods (i.e., the recovery of the recession) as I wait for my written words from the heart and soul about chocolate "the perfect food" printed on pages. It's not like anticipating a box chocolates on the doorstep. It's different. I think I need a luxury-type truffle (filled with a tidbit of smooth peanut butter) to get me through the time lag ordeal.


  1. OK. So none of you like peanut butter and honey sandwiches? Try it with bananas? Or?

  2. put a large piece of chocolate bar under the peanut butter, minus the bread and then you have something.

  3. What a superb idea eaamon! I have this big file cabinet full of chocolate bars (it was for research)--the dark stuff.Peanut butter may be a great way to sweeten up these 70% cacao bars.