Friday, August 21, 2009

Italian Chocolate Brownies--Neapolitan Style

By Cal Orey,

The Writing Goumet

"Doubtless God could have made a better berry (than the strawberry) but doubtless God never did."

--William Allen Butler

It's still warm outdoors and cooking is not an option for me. I just walked the boys (Brittany duo), and am going back to proofing the galley for the big chocolate book--The Healing Powers of Chocolate (Kensington, Dec. 2009). And yep, reading words about chocolate--all kinds from all places--is making me hungry for chocolate. This is a good thing I think. (Oh dear, my dear readers will want to eat chocolate, too.) And ironically, it turns out the treat I'm thinking about has a Mediterranean flavor to it...

No homemade brownies this time around. I'm cutting corners (again). I'm turning to Ghirardelli Premium Double Chocolate Brownie Mix. (I was considering melting the luxury chocolate bars I have saved from research and make frosting but that will happen once the book proofs are out of the house. I will have more time to get more creative.) When you're a scribe for a living you've got to prioritize tasks despite chocolate cravings.

On the upside, I will use extra virgin olive oil (it calls for vegetable oil). I will serve the warm dark, chewy chocolate brownies (yes, nuts will be included for the crunch) with fresh, juicy late summer strawberries.

And instead of using sweet white chocolate frosting (very tempted to turn to Ghirardelli's white chips) I will open up the new container of lowfat vanilla yogurt. This all natural yogurt is healthy. It boasts plenty of potassium (great to keep your blood pressure in check), protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients--and it tastes natural, creamy, and is my fave. No artificial junk.

The best part is, I just did a quick google check and it turns out this concoction of mine has Italian roots. Yep. Neapolitan ice cream was derived in Naples, Italy. It was one of my favorites as a kid. And look, I gave this Italian treat a healthy twist.


  1. me too love to savor gourmet food but hate to cook, i like italian chocolates very much

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  2. Hahahaaa...I'm 'gonna call the Chocolate Police on you Girl!!! I gained 2 pounds just Looking at this!!!lolol...hughugs

  3. The trick to eating chocolate--all forms--is to eat a little and enjoy it bite by bite. (It does take a while to get a hang of this eating less art). For this Italian goodie, if you eat a cup of the yogurt with lots of strawberries and a smaller portion of the warm "homebaked" brownie--no pounds on. That's how the French women do it, so I am told.