Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chocolatey Contest: Win The Healing Powers of Chocolate & Gourmet Chocolates

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind Chocolatey Contest with a Mediterranean angle. That's right. I want you to take me to Europe via gourmet food. But help! I'd love to have a new, improved menu plan. The rules: First, Sign In on my blog: . Tip: (Go to Followers on the left column; Google is the quickest route in.)...

Then, dish out the awesome titles of your fave dishes--no recipes. Be bold. Be creative. Think healthy. The catch is, you must include vinegar, olive oil, and chocolate. Here's a taste... Imagine: You are throwing a dinner party with good friends, good conversation. It's an event for four this weekend! It's 80 degrees outdoors. You're in a mountain-type setting. What do you serve? Please include the following dishes: Appetizer, Bread, Salad, Entree, One Side Dish, Dessert and Beverage. No meat, please.

Deadline: The first day of Fall, September 22. The winner will receive a signed, sealed, and delivered copy of The Healing Powers of Chocolate (Kensington, December 2009) and a box of handmade luxury chocolates by one of my fave chocolatiers. I've sweetened the pot due to the overwhelming response from folks who want to enjoy chocolate--just like I have been doing for months during my research! So, get in on the fun--you may win two yummy gifts just in time for the holidays! Good luck.

P.S. Two other contestants--aka the runners-up--will win a copy of The Healing Powers of Vinegar or The Healing Powers of Olive Oil.


  1. You may enter here on this blog post or the one linked to it. I'll find it either way. Good luck. And the chocolates? I'll order for you from one of the gourmet chocolate companies. So you'll receive a beautiful wrapped box with fresh chocolates just as I have done in the past months.

  2. On Sept. 23 the winner will be announced. Plus, I will cook one (or two) of the dishes. I promise.

  3. Come on you guys! We're talking gourmet chocolates sent to your doorstep from the chocolatier's company! This is just telling me your fantasy menu-5 courses...NO recipes or making it. How easy is that? I'm in a giving mood. 12 days left.