Sunday, July 5, 2009

Looking for a Sophisticated S'Mores Surprise?

Looking for an Exotic S'Mores Treat?

Try Green Tea & Dark Chocolate

By Cal Orey

“If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited, it will calm you.”
--William Gladstone, British Prime Minister

It's the day after Fourth of July and I'm feeling a bit under the weather... I'm sure it's due to the invasion of the Dark Seekers aka "tourists" and the potential of a double dip recession-depression. But it won't be like a second scoop of ice cream and make me feel happy. I now get it. I think the Depression was called just that because it's depressing to lose your stuff.
But hey, life goes on. Last night I heard the fireworks display at Lake Tahoe as I sat sandwiched in between Simon and Seth, my two Brittanys, and we watched a marathon of Nurse Jackie, a new edgy program. (It's tradition to stay with my dogs on this hectic holiday. I act like the loud bangs are normal and the pooches act like it's normal.) Speaking of double dip and happy times, I did try a cool S'Mores treat. Since it was warm indoors, it seemed silly to go for the Classic recipe by warming up hot chocolate and marshmallows on graham crackers. Instead, I used cold green tea ice cream. Chocolatiers create amazing concoctions with dark chocolate and teas. It's awesome.
Here's the healthy concoction. Try it. It may make you forget that yeah, the world is still in the red.

Green Tea & Dark Chocolate S'Mores

1 or 2 graham crackers, low-fat, whole grain

1/2 cup green tea ice cream

dark chocolate chips, 60%-70% cacoa (Ghirardelli)

Forget microwaving the chocolate chips. The crunch is a good stress-buster. Break the cracker in half. Spoon ice cream on one half. Sprinkle dark chocolate chips over it. Top with the other half of the graham cracker. This is a healthier version of the fun kid's summertime treat. Plus, enjoy a large cup of iced chamomile tea (spiked with apple cider vinegar which can calm your nerves or green tea for a boost of feel-good energy--it contains caffeine). If possible, get all of these foods and teas at your health food store or section at the supermarket.

Meanwhile, I've been getting some reports via personal emails and on my Web site -- regarding how some cats and dogs are going bonkers. It's post-Fourth of July pet jitters--and the loud bangs go on. Simon is barking. Countless critters, like my Brittany and me, don't enjoy loud sounds--it's a novelty we'd likely pass on. If they're feeling stressed out, give 'em their fave premium treat. And you? Savor a green tea and S'mores treat with a taste of sophistication.

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