Thursday, June 11, 2009

Warm Up to French Bread to Lose Unwanted Lbs.

French Bread 'n' Herbal Olive Oil--

a Dieter's Dream Come True!

"Italians...seemed never to die. They eat olive oil all day long...and that's what does it."

--William Kennedy

Psst! If you want to lose unwanted weight and believe you must deprive yourself of bread--lose that thought! Do as the French do and include bread in your daily diet. Yes. Yes you can! Is the song "Baby I'm a Want You" by Bread on your brain? No worries. There are a few tricks of the staying skinny and healthy trade, so to speak--and tasty French bread with an Italian kick plays a supporting European role...

An appetizer doesn't have to be fattening or unhealthy. Plenty of appetizers, such as these Mediterranean types (found at hot spots like Frantoio's Restaurant in Mill Valley, California), can include fresh vegetables, nuts, whole grain bread and olive oil. Not only will appetizers such as slices of whole wheat French Bread (homemade or fresh from your local bakery) dipped in warm fresh extra virgin olive oil give you an Italian taste, they will curb your hunger pangs so you won't be tempted to overeat at lunch or dinner. And note, while dinner can be nutritious and delightful, to people who follow a true Mediterranean diet, it is the lightest meal of the day and eaten before 7:00 P.M. Appetizers like French bread can help you stay on track.

Tonight, for instance, after indulging in those rich, dark truffles from Ireland (and the organic candy bar with notes of ginger that lingered like a gourmet bakery gingerbread cookie), I was in the mood for a light meal: spinach salad with veggies, a few walnuts, splashed with red wine vinegar teamed with fresh, warm French bread dipped in warm basil olive oil.
Extra virgin olive oil (fruity, intense), virgin olive oil (strong, but milder than EVOO) can be fine, too. Don't hesitate to add your own garlic and onion to the oil, which can make the dipping experience even better for your taste buds.

And note, this is one little secret that helps me to maintain a size 4, 122 pounds at 5'5" -- and allows me to have my chocolate and eat it, too! (Maintaining two active, fun-loving Type A Brittanys, 3 and 6, are two other big mother's helpers to keep those doggone pounds at bay!)


  1. A post note: When you eat a light dinner, warning--hunger may set in hours later. A piece of fresh fruit, bottled water or a cup of tea is what Europeans do to take off the edge. Yes, it works.

  2. Quick question, Cal.

    Would you say the traditional Mediterranean diet featured whole grain breads more than refined grain breads?

    When most people think of "French bread," it's the refined grain product.

  3. Just found your post. Europeans eat both. In the Mediterranean diet whole grains plays a big role. But that doesn't mean French bread is tossed out the window. Personally, I buy whole wheat French bread. But all is good in moderation, especially when drizzled with olive oil. And hey, a report shows the Dutch eat French bread in the a.m. and they're living to 80; we're following at 78.


    And yep, I have gone this route, too, from local bakeries provided at our main grocery store. And the refined breads are not the first choice according to they Mediterranean pyramid.