Monday, June 29, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake Surprise: Vinegar 'n' Chocolate

Strawberry Shortcake: Balsamic Vinegar & Chocolate

by Cal Orey

One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste.

--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It's Monday afternoon and while I'm at the computer working hard for the money, I'm in the mood for something sweet, something fun, something healthy... I've had Strawberry Shortcake on my mind for a while. So, yesterday, I decided against making homemade biscuits like mom used to bake (yes, the writer is busy writing) but that didn't stop me from getting the other right ingredients to make up one of my fave and kind of healthful dishes. And this time it's got an European twist to it with a gourmet touch.

This dessert reminds me of several years ago. I traveled to British Columbia with a boyfriend and ordered this at a restaurant. I was smitten by the old-fashioned treat (more my compatible match than my gentleman friend). Once back in the SF Bay Area, again, I lived on Strawberry Shortcake--it was a phase... I also recall visiting an awesome fish aquarium in Canada. It was the highlight of the trip (for me). The Shortcake came in second.

Off topic, sort of and sort of not. Yesterday, at Lake Tahoe I switched swimming spots (no, not the Lake) due to the coming invasion of the tourists. Read: See I Am Legend. The visitors remind me of the spooky Dark Seekers. But to keep sane, rather than going against the flow of strangers, I'm trying to learn how to go easy with it all. Speaking of swimming, my poor fish (yep, another noname one passed and went to fish heaven). So, I cleaned the aquarium, got new fish plants (and fish) and I am sensing all is good. My boys (I'm assuming) are swimming and lovin' it.

And if you swim regularly like I love to do, yes, yes you can savor a surprise dish, like this one (even with the pound cake and whipped cream) on occasion, without packing on unwanted pounds.

Strawberry Shortcake Surprise

2 cups organic strawberries

1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon real maple syrup

all butter pound cake

real all-natural French vanilla ice cream and/or real whipped cream

dark chocolate shavings

Wash, slice berries. Put aside. Warm up balsamic vinegar (saute or microwave). Cool and add syrup. Wait till it cools. Cut a few thin slices of pound cake. Top with plenty of vitamin C rich, anti-stress strawberries. Drizzle sweet balsamic mixture on berries. Top with a scoop of ice cream and/or a dollop of whipped cream. Garnish with dark chocolate shavings.

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