Monday, June 22, 2009

The Best Day In A Life With Olive Oil

A Day In A Life With Olive Oil
By Cal Orey
“Good oil, like good wine, is a gift from the gods. ”
George Ellwanger

Whether you live in Italy, New York, San Francisco or Lake Tahoe, olive oil--and its products--can lure you to travel to see what the olive oil world is all about. Take a look at my daily agenda, which revolves around the healing powers of oil.

8:00 A.M.: Spray the frying pan with extra virgin olive oil before I scramble two eggs. Gemma Sciabica taught me this trick, and it works like a charm. No more brown, toasty eggs on my plate. (Tuscan Omelet recipe on page 210-211.)

8:30 A.M.: Shower with olive oil-based soap (rosemary/sage); wash hair with olive oil-based shampoo and creme rinse. (Go to Cali at for plenty of treasures.)

8:45 A.M.: Massage extra virgin olive oil into my feet and hands.

9:00 A.M.: Too busy to shampoo Seth, so I put a drop of extra virgin olive oil on his back and brush him thoroughly. A nice, healthy glean is the result on my 3 year old pup. Simon was bathed yesterday. (He sports a long coat for a Brittany.)

10:00 A.M.: Water houseplants in the dining room and spritz with a mixture of water and olive oil. (Talk to them this week.)

Noon: Warm up French bread in the microwarve along with a small bowl flavored olive oil. Toss together a salad of greens, tuna, tomatoes, olive oil, and red wine vinegar.

1:00 P.M. Use olive oil and lemon to dust the desk and living room table in an attemp to remove teacup rings. (Works, sort of.)

5:00 P.M.: Make a fresh homemade sandwich (forget buying one)...Try the whole wheat French rolls and put together Swiss and cheddar cheese, extra tomatoes and black olives, plenty of green spinach lettuce, red onions, a splash of olive oil and red wine vinegar with a dash of black pepper. Note: It does taste better with TLC; and let's face it DIY sandwiches are cheaper than a sandwich shop's work.

5:30 P.M.: Bring in copy of the gigantic chocolate book. Get ready to proof and proof and proof (again). Just got back from the copy center.

7:00 P.M.: Rub olive oil moisturizing hand lotion on my cuticles and feet for the pampering feel of it all. Turn on a film. Under the Tuscan Sun (take a peek at a few superb scenes) is on. So, like is this my 100th time of watching this film?

7:30 P.M.: Cut a slice of homemade oh-so sweet Sweet Potato Pie made with you guessed it--olive oil. Oh, this is good. (The recipe will be featured in an upcoming post on The Writing Gourmet.) Keep on editing...the big chocolate book.

10:00 P.M.: Take a quick glance at The Healing Powers of Olive Oil and The Healing Powers of Vinegar to find new ways I can use, versatile, all-natural olive oil (and vinegar) to make my life easier and more gourmet-style in the mountains.

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