Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Never Diet Again

Yes! You Can Eat
Your Fave Fatty Foods and
Lose Unwanted Lbs.
By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

You really don't have to deprive yourself to lose pounds or maintain your weight. It's all about incorporating healthful eating habits into your lifestyle. For instance, when I go to a sandwich outlet, I order whole wheat bread, extra tomatoes, lettuce, green bell peppers, one piece of swiss cheese, olive oil and red wine vinegar. And now, I also ask for avocado and olives.
Speaking of olives...Recently, I ordered a vegetarian pizza. Usually, I order the normal tomato sauce, spinach, and mushrooms. This time, however, I overhead the man who took my order say "basil" and "olive oil."
I quickly inquired, since I had no clue they offered a pesto sauce with these two items. So, I order the green sauce with spinach, tomatoes, and olives. Do you see how you can treat yourself to full-fat foods and still eat healthy as well as not pack on unwanted pounds?
Once you realize that you can eat food and have your pizza, too, you'll get a handle on your weight. The bottom line: Don't forego your fave fatty foods because you'll end up giving into cravings anyhow. I indulge (in moderation) without the guilt monster and maintain 122 lbs., at 5'5" and slip into a size 4. The word "diet" is yesterday's news. Today, savoring forbidden foods is "in" if you do it with style.

The Golden Secrets To Remember
* Olive oil can help to suppress your appetite. Go ahead--drizzle it on bread the way the Europeans do before a meal...

* . . . But don't overdo a good thing. Olive oil is a fat and does have 120 calories per tablespoon.

* Extra light olive oil, which is without flavor, may help you to maintain your weight. Bonus Tip: A teaspoon before a meal or two each day will help curb your appetite.

* Eating "good" fats can give you energy, stop you from overeating, help your body metabolize the fat-soluable vitamins, and provide essential fatty acids.

* Savor a moderate-sized portion of good fatty foods such as a Mediterranean-style pizza, eggs, and dark chocolate because these favorites contain "good" fats and other nutrients.

* And note, get a move on like French women do. Swim, walk the dog, do the treadmill--and enjoy!


  1. Share your fave forbidden fatty food. Love to hear what it is and if it's a fine edible as well.

  2. Very good advice. I don't have any forbidden foods, but I try to limit the cheese, even though I could eat it for every meal.

  3. Hey Cooking Photographer,
    You know, I love cheese. But, too much is not a good thing because all of the saturated fat. When I order a "healthy" pizza I always say "light on the cheese." Plus, I purchase gourmet cheese so less is more. Cheese isn't a "bad" food--it is calcium-rich. Moderation is key. Fresh grated cheese, like fresh dark chocolate shavings, can be a good trick to curb your cheesy cravings.

  4. Callie,
    I too love a vegetarian pizza, but I always have them add some
    pineapple. it is good for you and it sweetens it up a bit.....try it.
    P.S. make sure it is cooked in and not added a few minutes before,
    serving and put back in the oven. cooked in is for the best flavor.
    uncooked pineapple on my pizza, I do not care for it.
    Georgio's, yah!!!

  5. Fresh pineapple. Super idea. I was cautious before but it does seem exotic, enticing, and gotta do it. Will report my new, improved pizza experience.