Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blackberry Bliss

Wow. This morning I awoke to a steaming cup of freshly brewed Italian coffee teamed with a splash of my fave organic low-fat milk. (I lied. It wasn't as hot as I like. Note to self: Why isn't the new coffee pot performing 100 percent?) Back to the cozy waterbed (it is a warm haven) while marketing my babies, The Healing Powers of Olive Oil and The Healing Powers of Vinegar (new mass market editions available; click on link and check out excerpts) amid more warmth...
Enter Simon and Seth, my beloved orange-and-white Brittanys who just wolfed down their breakfast (all-natural premium chow, of course)--and snuggled up with me (these two are soft, leggy, and elegant canines) as they awaited their walk-run. (Speaking of go-dogs, last night we--yeah, my pooches are heady and alert Geminis--watched "Marley and Me"--a dog lovers' bittersweet must-see film. A four tail wag film. ) Meanwhile, in real life, Kerouac, my patient feline who raised both Brits, is chilling and basking on his catnapper in the dining room spring sunshine. He waits. He waits for the Tahoe blue jays to pay a visit on the deck. Bird food and water are in place.
And I just won a book for posting on another food-related site. I opted for the one on gardening. Oh how I yearn to have my own vegetable garden with juicy tomatoes and apple trees. But not sure if this is a pipe dream because living at Lake Tahoe we're limited. It must be the high altitude, hard soil, cold snow...
Still, I just treated myself to a bowl of the sweetest fresh blackberries--not too sweet or too sour--mixed with creamy organic plain yogurt and drizzled with raw honey. Ah, I went to berry heaven. Almost as unforgettable as taking the trip to luxury chocolateland. The best part? Seasonal fruits are coming in season and this is exciting.
Take a peek at this Web site to see all of the good stuff you can get from enjoying one of Mother Nature's finest fruits--blackberries.

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  1. Berries. My favorite berry is the strawberry. It's a friendly berry like the daisy is a friendly flower, as noted in the film You've Got Mail.