Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Knew It! I Knew It! Mediterranean Diets Are "In"!

It's snowing... Lake Tahoe in the springtime. Oh it's cold outside. The fire is crackling. My two dogs are cuddling up with me. And hot information gets a paws up. My health books (which tout the wholesome European diet and lifestyle strategies I've practiced and preached for a decade) are right on target (again), according to a new study released in the Archives of Internal Medicine. More than a half century worth of research on diet and heart disease proves that it's the natural Mediterranean diet--including whole grains, vegetables, and olive oil that are the healthy stuff. Forget the processed foods such as red meat, trans fats, and butter. And that's not all...

During economical shake-ups, author-intuitive Cal Orey predicts her new mass market books that praise ancient remedies such as olive oil and vinegar (part of the heart healthy Mediterranean diet and lifestyle) will be the cheap ticket to good health and good spirits...

Lake Tahoe, CA (PRWEB) February 19, 2009 -- Author-Intuitive Cal Orey, a health-nutrition journalist who has accurately forecast earthquakes to the current recession, believes vinegar and oil which contain polyphenols (disease-fighting antioxidants) may help lower the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and obesity -- three major health woes that may increase during shaky times and financial turmoil.
"But staying healthy on an unhealthy cash flow can ease costly medical bills -- an important issue since ongoing news reports claim 47-million Americans do not have health insurance," Orey said, adding that an economic tsunami is in the works.
The sensitive disaster preparedness expert said, "As we mostly likely will plunge into a deeper recession, and possibly even another Great Depression, it's budget-wise to have one (or two) foods such as olive oil and vinegar that are recession-friendly for home cures, house cleaning, beauty uses, and pet care. These natural remedies that our grandparents used during the Great Depression are making a comeback."

"As people cope with layoffs, weak wage growth, soaring food prices, losing life savings, going back to Mother Nature and embracing Depression must-haves like vinegar and olive oil (and chocolate) will save money and help people feel better from head to toe," according to Orey, the author of 'The Healing Powers of Olive Oil: A Complete Guide to Nature's Liquid Gold' and 'The Healing Powers of Vinegar, Revised, and Updated' (both published by Kensington and released in budget-friendly mass market editions, $6.99, January 2009).

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  1. Question: Do you eat a Mediterranean diet? Please share. Or if you have any questions about it, ask and I will answer you.